Canada is a country currently plating some of the world’s most phenomenal food, and the people procuring these culinary creations do so with great passion. Canadian chefs have heart!


Hartley Bernier is a fiery SickKids ambassador living with Intestinal Failure just north of Toronto. His love and appreciation of fine food has grown from the (essential) place diet holds for a person living with a rare gastro-intestinal disease.

When some of the most badass chefs in Toronto heard about our little super-hero Hartley, they were inspired to join his fight. This is the way we humbly began, but the Chefs with Hart team keeps growing. We are so grateful for the incredible support of some of the finest culinary crews around! 

Please join us for what will be a series of fun and family friendly food related events, hosted by some of Canadas raddest restaurants! 

We really hope you can make it out to our events. But, if you can’t please consider making an online donation. Every little bit truly helps make a difference for these amazing kids.

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